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  • First and foremost thank you for your purchase. We have provided you a copy of your soft proof which includes a near exact look on how it will look upon delivery to you.However, please note that every computer monitor is calibrated different when it comes to color. VoyagePrint.com prints in a digital CYMK Process. Our printing machines have been expertly calibrated for photographic matching of 16.7 billion colors. However, your monitor may differ from ours, as such there can be color shift when we transfer your files from various formats that are typically in RGB format to the CYMK process. While this doesn't happen very often it can. You agree by approval that you understand that such can occur. Further, VoyagePrint.com is not responsible for images which are not the highest resolutions. While we will make a concerted effort to notify you that such images may not be of the highest quality, VoyagePrint.com makes no representations that low quality im