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Who Can Join the Reseller Program?

At Voyageprint, our Reseller Program is only open to Graphic Designers and Design professionals. The reason for this is simple. Speed and Quality. When we partner with design professionals we don’t have to spend the time it takes to get a file “print-ready”. As such, you should be already familiar with terms like CYMK, DPI, Cut-to-Bleed, and a full working knowledge of your creative suite. While we prefer Adobe products, we expect our resellers to send us consistent high quality files so that we do not have to stop our production flow to ensure quality.

Whats the Financial Advantage for Resellers?

It does not take a mathematician to realize our prices are already lower than most in the industry. As a reseller, we have tiered discounts which are even lower. When you first are accepted into the program, your rate is roughly 10-15 percent below our already posted low prices. In addition, if you have a tax exemption we will apply that as well. You are welcome to sell at whatever amount the market will bare on your own websites, social media, etsy and more. A great deal of our resellers choose to use their design skills as part of the package with for example a Banner or a Runner or the like. This is where true profit can be made. Since big companies like the Vista’s of the World charge so much and we charge so little, you can meet them in the middle with great designs and customers will truly see the value.