This policy and process is designed to address trademark related complaints regarding websites that Voyageprint hosts for its customers. Our policy for copyright related complaints is located within our Terms of Service.

As part of our Terms of Use, our customers warrant that they have appropriate intellectual property rights in any content they create or upload to our servers, our other web properties including those hosted on Etsy, Amazon, and others of which this terms of service and model still apply. Moreover, our customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Voyageprint for all liability resulting from any breach of warranties including the aforementioned intellectual property warranty.

If you have a concern regarding use of your trademark on a Voyageprint hosted customer website, kindly send the following details to [email protected]

  1. Documentation identifying your valid trademark right and the goods and/or services to which it pertains. A valid trademark right consists of a trademark registered with a national government organization. This policy does not address unregistered “common law” rights or trademarks registered only with local (state) registries.
  2. A documented example of the trademark use you are objecting to on the Voyageprint hosted customer website including the specific goods and/or services being offered by the customer and why you believe this use is in violation of your rights. Please provide, as applicable, specific URLs, screenshots or other pertinent documentation.
  3. The contact details for the owner of the trademark including name, address, telephone number and email address.
  4. A statement describing your authority in this matter (if you are not the trademark owner).

Upon receipt of the complaint, Voyageprint will launch an investigation into the matter. If, upon investigation, we believe there is a reasonable basis for the complaint, we will:

  1. Forward the complaint, including all details you have provided, to the customer responsible for the objected-to website.
  2. Request that the customer either resolve the matter directly with the trademark owner (or authorized party), or remove the objected-to content from the website within a period of two weeks.
  3. If, after two weeks, the customer has not either removed the objected-to content, or provided us with a reasonable basis to believe the dispute with the trademark owner has been resolved or pending resolution, we shall suspend the website.
  4. If the complaint is based on a domain name registered on behalf of a customer, Voyageprint will, after the two-week period, suspend the website, redirect the domain name to an unbranded holding page, and permit the domain name registration to naturally expire (generally one year after the initial registration or last annual renewal).
  5. If the complaint relates to the purchase of keywords for paid search services from third parties (e.g., the Adwords™ program from Google™), our policies will generally parallel the search provider’s policy in regard to trademark matters.

Voyageprint is under no obligation to investigate any matters which do not comply with the process or information requirements stated above. Nonetheless, and to the extent possible, any complaints related to Voyageprint hosted customer websites and third party trademarks will be handled by the foregoing process.

During our investigation, should circumstances dictate, and in our sole discretion, Voyageprint may follow an amended, delayed, expedited or modified process to that detailed above.