Introducing VoyageClear®

Voyageprint has printed tens of tens of well thousands of images since we first opened our doors. We have received just about every kind, quality, shape, resolutions, etc. In the past, companies like ours have had to struggle between quality and the lack of understanding that 99 percent of non printers know. The resolution and quality always play a major role in how your printed product turns out.

As such, complicated systems of checks and balances of telling customers DPI, Pixel size, lighting conditions, etc were cumbersome. As such, we developed our own system which we call VoyageClear. It truly is a game changer when it comes to the printed product. Now, we can take 99.99 percent of most images and with our system, Enhance them, Clean them, Color them, and make a professional grade print from old images, discolored, Facebook compressed images, etc. The Choice is clear. Let’s bring your memories back. Try VoyageClear today