Hi Im Margo, Founder of VoyagePrint and yeah we do things a bit different…..

At VoyagePrint, our motto is simple make people happy by giving them great quality at a low Price. You see, there’s thousands perhaps, even tens of thousands of printing companies out there. We get it! People from all walks of life use print to share their voices, their images, their ideas, their businesses, their statements. We hear that! What we don’t understand is why printing companies have acted like drug manufacturers, raising the prices of printing a simple banner sometimes 400 to 600 % in costs. That’s just crazy!

Yet, people of all walks of life pay the average. They give their hard earned money to companies who don’t listen to them. They trick consumers into believing that this is just the way it is. This is how much your idea costs! Once again, they just don’t listen. As the internet has grown, so many businesses and idea makers have found it is cheaper to just put a picture on a blog. Its easier to just deal with the “Vista’s” of the world and expect new results. The problem is the “Vista’s” of the world started with a great mission, but due to corporate greed have expanded their markets often deceiving people into believing this is the cost of your idea, your vision, your voice.

The “Vista’s” are not even American companies. In fact, they are overseas. The Fedex’s, the Staples, the Office Depots, and so many others are indeed the same company. Which is why the market all seems to be the same in price when it comes to printing your ideas. In fact, if you look under the ship on most printing company’s they are owned by the same company! Confusing? Yep! As far as we see it, these large printing companies out there have lost focus on the real message. You! So, we take their prices and show you what a difference a disruption in their game means. It means you save, you get better quality, your ideas come to life and most importantly you get heard.

We have declared war on these “Big Printing Companies”. This is the flag of Voyage… This is who we are…… Welcome aboard!

Margaret Rudoy

Founder of Voyage Print

P.S. I wasn’t crazy about branding myself as a cartoon… But my husband thought it fitting.